The Black Creative Experience

An Electric Blend of Art, Music, Live Entertainment & Shopping. Meant to inspire, celebrate and support the Black Creatives of DFW.

American mainstream is obsessed with black creative genius-be it music, walk, style-but at the same time puts a low priority on the black social misery which is the very context out of which that creativity flows.
— Cornell West

Loc Star! The Natural Hair Salon and Spa located in Arlington, Tx births, The Black Creative Experience, an eclectic blend of dope artistry and creative genius meant to attract thinkers, doers, travelers and fearless visionaries featuring performance artists, visual artists, independent creatives, entrepreneurs ,and the like under one umbrella of all things Black.  The purpose of this one night event is to connect the flourishing creative community of DFW through Black expressions of music, poetry, live art, health and wellness, and creative commerce within a positive environment. To inspire, celebrate and support DFW's Black Creatives  amongst energetic beats, soulful sounds, melodic melodies, powerful poetry and a myriad of melanin.


We are the shapers of culture, the workers for change, the dreamers of dreams.
— Anonymous



DJ So4Kis

DJ So4Kis

the artists

Live Performance Artist, Cecilia N. Okoye

Live Performance Artist, Cecilia N. Okoye

Artist- Antony Kojak, Owner of The Art House

Artist- Antony Kojak, Owner of The Art House

Spoken Word Artist- Elle Davis




More Coming Soon